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Caving In Wales For Beginners 

Embarking on a beginner caving adventure in South Wales offers a unique opportunity to explore the subterranean wonders of Level 1 caves, where the beauty of the underground world unfolds in a welcoming environment for novices. South Wales, renowned for its rich geological landscapes, presents an array of beginner-friendly caves that promise an exhilarating yet safe introduction to caving.

The caves we visit provide less complex routes and easy technical challenges, an ideal setting for first-time cavers to experience the thrill of exploration beneath the earth's surface. Guided by our experienced professionals, participants can marvel at the stunning formations, ancient fossils, and hidden streams that lie beneath the Welsh countryside, making it a perfect adventure for your visit to South Wales.


How long is it? 

The session is 4 hours long. This includes meeting the instructor, changing, and listening to the safety brief. You will get at least 3 hours underground. 

Where is it ? 

There are over 400 cave systems in South Wales, this gives us plenty of grade 1 routes for your first trip underground into a cave. We use caves in Brecon, offering streams, passages and interesting rock formations.

Cave Explorer

What do we provide?

  • Cave Overall this will keep you clean 

  • Helmet - this will keep your head safe 

  • Wellies - these will keep your feet dry 

  • Cave Light - this will let your see 

  • Belt - this will provide extra safety 

What do you need to bring? 

  • Warm clothes - to go under your overall 

  • Lunch - if you get hungry  

  • Thick Socks - to go under your wellies 

How much is it? 

£50-£70 per person 

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