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Couple Activities 

At Beezra we love to deliver exciting adventure days out for couples, whether for an anniversary, birthday, or just a fun date. 

Add some spice to your relationship with our adrenaline-fuelled canyoning adventure.

Price for couples: £70 per person.
Special discount rate: £50 per person - last Sunday of the month (check dates below). 

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January  30th 
February  27th
March  27th
April  24th 

May  29th
June  26th 
July  31st
August  28th 
September 25th
October  30th 
November 27th
December 18th

      Special discount dates: 

January 29th
ebruary 26th
March  26th
April  30th
May  28th

June  25th
July  30th
August  27th
September 24th
October 29th
November 26th
December 31st
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