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Gorge Scrambling South Wales

Gorge scrambling involves following a narrow river. This often includes climbing, swimming, jumping and scrambling depending upon the environment.

 What's the difference between canyoning and gorge scrambling? 

The biggest difference between Gorge Scrambling and Canyoning is the steepness of the valley, and therefore the intensity of the activity. We'd recommend gorge scrambling for families and canyoning for adult groups.  

Where is it? 
Our Gorge Scrambling experience takes place in waterfall country in the Brecon Beacons. We have two different rivers we can use - one for Canyoning and one for Gorge Scrambling. We will confirm the exact location on the phone when you book.

How long is the Session?

The session is 4 hours long. This includes meeting the instructor, changing, and listening to the safety brief. You will get at least 3 hours in the Gorge.

What do we provide? 

Wetsuits these top quality 5mm winter wetsuits will keep you warm
Buoyancy aids these will keep you afloat 
Helmets these are essential to protect your head  
Instructor they will give you the best experience day

What do you need to bring?

Shoes old trainers are best (we can sell wetsuit boots for £25 a pair)
Shorts to go over your wetsuit for extra padding
Swim Gear to go under your wetsuit 
Towel & Warm Clothes for after the experience
Lunch if you get hungry after the experience 

How many people will be in my group?
We run our sessions 1 instructor to max 12 people. 
On most occasions you will be joined by others so expect to make new friends! If you require a private group please email us to discuss rates. 

How much is it? 
£50-£70 per person 

Is there anything else? 
River levels change with rain fall. They can be lower than the photos on our website and in exceptional conditions can be too high and we have to cancel for safety reasons (for example in our 2021 season we cancelled 3 days out of the 150 day season due to rain levels). 
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